Sprinks Choco Drops - CARMEL 500gm

Sprinks Choco Drops - CARMEL 500gm

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500g SPRINKS Choco Drops

Made for Baking & Melting (and decorating) - from SPRINKS!

These great tasting, easy to use coloured compound chocolate drops are a perfect addition to any bakers pantry.  Say goodbye to tricky candy melts, SPRINKS has now made it easy to use and with the ability to adapt to your baking requirements.

  • Easy to melt
  • Great chocolate taste that doesnt leave a residue on the pallet.
  • Great for drip cakes
  • Ideal for use in chocolate & silicone moulds
  • Colourful decorative finish to cakes, cupcakes & cookies
  • Will hold it shaped if baked into cookies etc.
  • Can also be used to add to sprinkle mixes, or alone as colourful chocolate sprinkle.
Each drop is approximately 8mm in diameter, so melts efficiently and easily.

Available in a range of colours.