BAKE GROUP Silicone Mould - Small & Large Lego Men

BAKE GROUP Silicone Mould - Small & Large Lego Men

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Silicone Mould - HOT AIR BALLOON

The Hot Air Balloon Silicone Mould is made out of a silicone system specially formulated for use in food and confectionary and complies to FDA regulations

For best results use with flowerpaste, modelling paste, fondant (with tylose as hardener), marzipan and more. 

Dimensions: 10.0cm (height) by 8.0cm (width).

Each silicone mould is packaged ready to sell with UPC barcode.  

Instructions: For best details, tap in small amount of paste with a small rolling pin. Roll gently over the silicone mould and remove excess paste with a blade tool rather than a knife to avoid damaging the sugarcraft silicone mould. For easy release, the sugarcraft silicone moulds can be lightly dusted with cornflour.